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Toxic Brakes is your ultimate authority on reinforced Stainless Steel Brake Lines for the Jeep and Offroad Enthusiast

Toxic Brakes is your online source for premium extended brakes hose for most Jeep applications. Our Brake Hoses utilize a teflon inner core that is suitable for all types of brake fluid including silicon based DOT 5 brake fluids. This inner core is then covered with multiple reinforcement layers to provide the best hazard protection available. Toxic Brakes Stainless Steel Brake Hoses will virtually eliminate volumetric expansion that is consistent with standard rubber brake hoses. This results in a firm and consistent brake pedal under all types of driving conditions both on and off road.

These brake hoses are available in a variety of different lengths to match the amount of lift on your vehicle. We also offer custom lengths and applications. Contact us at for a custom quote.

Toxic Brakes stainless steel brake hoses are built to all federal and DOT specifications. If you want the ultimate in extended stainless steel brake hoses then look no further than Toxic Brakes.